JUNE 19, 2020 12:00 P.M. EST

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals has announced the development of a pathway for CVRP Registrant holders who do, or want to do, TSA work. The Board of the College is pleased to be holding this Special Meeting of the Members to address questions received surrounding the scope of practice for CVRP Registrants to do TSA work.

CVRP has approved a transition period for applicants to meet all the requirements by December 31, 2020 who are currently doing TSA work. All new CVRP Registrants wanting to do TSA work must meet the requirements prior to commencing this work as per the College’s scope of practice.

We will also be addressing questions surrounding the newly proposed designation to be certified as a RTWDM.

Please RSVP to CVRP (email to by June 7, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EST if attending the Special Meeting of the Members. Once the RSVP is received, the member is vetted for good standing, and a meeting invitation will be sent to the member.



Your professional College, in light of recent medical and government reports and directives concerning COVID-19, suggests that you use your professional judgement and that of your employer to determine if face to face client contact is necessary at this time. This is for the equal protection of your client (public) and yourself in the delivery of professional services. Please read the available literature which is easily accessed through the many provincial, federal government and health authority websites, so you are familiar with COVID-19 and the ways and means to protect yourself and others. The College recognizes that online and/or teleconference methods of communication with your clients/claimants are available and we encourage you to consider using such methods if appropriate. Please follow your professional and employer’s protocols surrounding this pandemic. We wish you and your clients good health during this challenging situation.

View the CVRP Guidelines for service provision in relation to COVID-19 here.



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New Credential! The RTWDM provides those services necessary to assist workers who, due to an injury or illness, experience, or at risk of experiencing, a loss of function to remain at work and/or return to work.
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Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) assist individuals to access, maintain or return to vocational/avocational activities, and to determine and facilitate access to any vocational rehabilitation…
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Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluators (CCVE) have the specialized expertise to conduct comprehensive assessments and provide forensic services for assisting in the determination of benefit entitlement…
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