Mandate and Bylaws

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) is the self-regulatory body for Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals. The mandate of the regulatory College is to protect the public through a rigorous credentialing process where registrants have met the minimum standard of knowledge and competency by having to pass the College’s peer-reviewed certification examination. College registrants are held to comprehensive professional standards of practice, and a complaints and discipline procedure to ensure that the certified registrants are held to the highest level of professional practice to the public.


To ensure that the protection mandate to the public is invoked, the College developed a detailed Code of Ethics to align with Standards of Practice for the certified registrants, and a series of Rules to govern the practice of vocational rehabilitation registrants. There are Five (5) Rules and two (2) Professional Conduct Policies.


The CVRP Rules, formerly referred to as ‘Procedures of Conduct, have been approved by the Board of Directors for the purposes of regulating the certified registrants of the College, as outlined in the General By-Law No.1


The College Rules are:


  1. Registration Rule

  2. Complaints Rule

  3. Discipline Rule

  4. Fitness to Practice Rule

  5. Professional Practice Rule


The Professional Conduct Policies are:


  1. Professional Misconduct

  2. Conflict of Interest



The General By-Law No.1, which addresses the operational affairs of the College, was revised by the CVRP Corporate Counsel prior to the 2014 AGM. The revisions were completed to bring the By-Law No.1 into alignment with the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. This By-law was passed by the Board of Directors on October 29, 2014 and ratified at the AGM on December 3, 2014.


In 2015, a further revision of the By-law to encompass the change of the registration credentials from CVA, CVS, CVP and MCVP to all Registrants registered as Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP), with the classification distinctions of Intern, Provisional, Fellow and Diplomate. The sub-specialty registration credential of Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator, with the classification distinctions of Fellow and Diplomate, was also added in the November 2015 revisions. The By-Law was ratified at the December 2, 2015 AGM.


The Board of Directors conducted a review of the General By-Law No.1 in the fall of 2017. Minor definition and revisions were recommended in accordance to the Federal Not-For-Profit statute and the Objects listed in the College Articles of Incorporation. These changes were ratified by vote at the November 1, 2017 AGM.


A copy of the General By-Law No. 1 can be found here.