Annual Renewal Process

Renewal Process


As of April 1, 2015 , there is now an automated system to track Registrants’ renewals. Therefore, all registrants must log-in to their member profile to complete the on-line renewal form  along with their payment.

As of April 1st, 2016,  the College will only accept renewal payment through our on-line system, unless there are extenuating circumstances necessitating a request to pay manually. For further information and assistance, ensure that contact is made to one of the Administrators of the College at 647-962-7708 at least 30-45 days prior to your renewal date to avoid any late penalties. Please note that an administrative fee will apply for all manual payments.


Click here  to go to the member profile login to complete registration renewal for the on-line renewal option.
All registrants are notified by the College of pending registration renewal  by automatic notice at 90, 60 and 5 days to their renewal dates.

Failure to comply with all annual registration requirements prior to the registration expiry date listed in each registrants profile will result in immediate registration penalty fees and a 60 day conditional registration status.  Registration status will be listed as ‘Administrative Suspension’   on the public registry.   Failure to comply with the outstanding registration maintenance requirements within the 60 day conditional period will result in immediate registration suspension.  Appropriate  fees, completion of the Jurisprudence education module; completion of the Standards of Practice Education module (when updated)  and successful completion of the competency examination may  be required to reinstatement registration.


The College Board of Directors sets the annual fee for registration and renewal,  based on fiscal operational need. As of July 1, 2017,  the annual renewal fee was increased to $275.00 for the first credential of CVRP and $100.00 annual fee for the second credential of CCVE.
The annual renewal requirements are as follows:

  1. Completion of the renewal form and payment of fees of $275.00 or $375.00 plus provincials taxes as per province of residence no later than 11:59 pm  EST  on the date of registration expiry as listed in the registrants profile.  Renewal must be completed through the the registrants on-line profile on the College website.
  2. Registrants in the 2nd year of their 40 CEU reporting period must submit all required CEU documentation to the College by the last day of the month prior to their registration renewal month.  CEU reports are uploaded in the registrant’s member profile and can be viewed to confirm totals and submission due dates.
  3. An updated Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC), as per the CVRP VSPC policy, must be provided every 5 years prior to the end of the month of the date of the search of the previous VSPC.   The date of the current VSPC is recorded in the registrant’s member profile.


Registrants who do not meet their annual renewal fee requirements as listed above, will be automatically assessed a late penalty fee of $75.00 plus provincial taxes, the base amount of that fee to be set by the College on an annual basis.  The fee for incomplete CEU submission is $85.00 plus provincial taxes, the base amount of that fee to be set by the College on an annual basis. 

All  penalty fees will be assessed as of the first day past the appropriate due date and the registration status changed to ‘Administrative Suspension‘ on the public registry and in the Registrant’s profile.  The maximum ‘Administrative Suspension’ period is 60 days, to allow the registrant to resolve the outstanding registration requirements.   An  ‘Administrative Suspension’ registrant who defaults in complying with any of the annual renewal requirements and the fee penalties, within the 60 day conditional period,  will be immediately suspended and required to complete the terms listed above , as noted in the Administrative Suspension and Reinstatement Policy posted on this website under the ‘Rules and Policy’ tab.


 Registrants Member Profile


Upon registration,  a member profile is set-up for each registrant.  Registrants can access their private member profile on a regular basis to update any change of personal or work contact information  and to download annual Registration renewal letters, annual fee receipts and updated CEU reports. All contact information changes MUST be recorded within 30 days of that change, particularly employment changes, as this information is listed on the Public registry. Failure to update contact information by a registrant can lead to missed renewal notices and notices of registration changes, which could lead to registration breach with resultant penalties.   New developments, updates and policy changes are posted on the home page of the website under the “Latest News” section and sent out by email blast through Mail Chimp.



 Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance


CVRP requires that all registrants of the College maintain a current Errors and Omissions (E&O) policy, preferably with Defense Insurance for College complaints, wherever possible, as part of maintenance of their certification. The E&O Insurance should be specifically designed to cover the scope of practice and the standards of practice for a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional. The Defense Insurance allows a practitioner to consult a lawyer very early in the complaints process and allows ‘frivolous or malicious complaints’ to be resolved quickly. Other levels of E&O insurance, not specifically designed for a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, may not be acceptable. It is the responsibility of each registrant to ensure that adequate coverage is maintained, whether through an affiliated professional association policy, a personal policy or a policy provided through their place of employment. If a random audit is conducted on a Registrant’s file and a request sent for the submission of the current E&O certificate, fines and penalties will be levied if the propitiate insurance certificate is not in place.