Annual Renewal Policy


The mandate of CVRP is to protect the public through rigorous credentialing standards, complaints and disciplinary procedures to ensure our professional members are meeting minimum standards of knowledge and practice by passing the certification competency examination. Upon attaining certification with CVRP, it is the responsibility of each Registrant to maintain registration requirements as set forth in CVRP Registration Policies – click here.


Requirements for Annual Renewal

Certification of registration is maintained on an annual basis. Each year there are two primary and mandatory components:


  • Each Registrant is required to attest to standards of professional behavior and ethics in the form of declarations, as specified on the Renewal Application Form.

  • Each Registrant is required to provide payment of registration renewal fees by registration renewal date.

The College has the authority to conduct random registration audits for compliance without notice. If a Registrant’s CEU maintenance record is not compliant, a written notice will be forwarded for immediate action and could result in the assessment of a registration penalty.


Additional Requirements for Renewal at 2-year Intervals

Every two years, 30 days prior to the registration renewal date, the professional development/continuing education component must be met in order to maintain certification of registration. This component is specific to submission of documentation pertaining to professional development. click here for CVRP Continuing Education Policy.


Additional Requirements for Renewal at 5-year Intervals

Each Registrant is required to provide an updated Vulnerable Sector Police Check/Criminal Police Check (VSPC) click here. A current VSPC must be submitted every 5 years from the date of the Registrant’s last search. Upon receipt, the date of the current VSPC is recorded in the Registrant’s Member Profile.


Requirements Related to Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance

CVRP requires all Registrants maintain current Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, preferably with Defense Insurance for College complaints, wherever possible, as part of maintenance of their certification. The E&O Insurance should be specifically designed to cover the scope of practice and the standards of practice for a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional. The Defense Insurance allows a practitioner to consult a lawyer very early in the complaints process and allows ‘frivolous or malicious complaints’ to be resolved quickly. Other levels of E&O insurance, not specifically designed for a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, may not be acceptable.


It is the responsibility of each Registrant to ensure that adequate coverage is maintained, whether through an affiliated professional association policy, a personal policy or a policy provided through their place of employment.


The Renewal Application Process

Registrants must access their Member Profile in order to complete the Renewal Application process. Should a Registrant be unable to log onto the website and access their Member Profile, it is the responsibility of the Registrant to contact CVRP directly.


The completed Renewal Application Form and accompanying payment must be received by 11:59 p.m. on the registration renewal date.


Submission of CEUs must be received 30 days prior to the registration renewal date. The two-year submission period is based on the original month of registration to the College.


The Board of Directors of CVRP sets the annual fees for registration and renewal.


Member Profile and Renewal Application

In order to complete annual renewal, Registrants must complete the Renewal Application Form and fill out all required fields. Each Registrant is required to attest to standards of professional behavior and ethics in the form of declarations, as specified in the Renewal Application Form.


Upon registration, a Member Profile is set-up for each Registrant. All pertinent registration, personal and work contact information is recorded in the Member Profile. It is the responsibility of the Registrant to submit all documentation related to professional development/continuing education 30 days in advance of the renewal date and to submit the Renewal Application Form and accompanying payment by the renewal date.


To complete the renewal process, Registrants must log into their Member Profile, scroll to Payment History to access the renewal form and provide payment.


Note: Registrants are required to report/input any change of information, including personal and/or work contact information, within 30 days of any change of status


Note: Failure to update contact information by a Registrant can lead to missed renewal notices and notices of registration changes which could lead to registration breaches and penalties.


Renewal Notices

All Registrants are notified by the College of pending registration renewal by email prior to their renewal date.


Payment of Fees

Registrants need to be logged onto the website and in their Member Profile in order to provide payment of annual renewal fees. To facilitate the payment process, the site provides a link to PayPal. Once payment has been made by the Registrant, notification to CVRP is provided and administrative updates are made by CVRP to reflect registration status.


Penalties for Defaulting Registration Maintenance

To facilitate renewal, as earlier indicated, as a courtesy, Registrants are notified of pending registration renewal. Failure to comply with the Annual Renewal requirements will result in fines and penalties for defaulting registration maintenance. Failure to comply with requirements for renewal will result in automatic penalty fees assessed to the outstanding registration fee and immediate administrative suspension. A registrant is allowed 60 days to submit all outstanding registration requirements, fees and penalties.


Note: At 60 days past the annual registration renewal date, if outstanding registration requirements, fees and penalties have not been rectified, the certificate of registration is suspended and noted in the CVRP Public Registry as such. The suspended Registrant is locked out of their Member Profile. The suspended registrant must immediately remove all reference to the CVRP Credential in all personal and business communications, verbal and written. Failure to do so could result in legal action.


Note: Contact with the Registrar is required to initiate Registration Reinstatement. Reference may be made to the Policy for Administrative Suspension and Reinstatement for Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals.


Note: Failure to receive CVRP renewal notices, whether due to a block in Registrant’s personal and/or work email and/or failure to update email address change in the Member Profile is not considered grounds for an extension and/or for exclusion from annual renewal requirements. It is the responsibility of the Registrant to follow all policies for annual renewal to maintain registration in good standing.


The penalty fine for late renewal is automatically added to the outstanding renewal fee the day after registration fees are due.


Extenuating Circumstances

Consideration of extenuating circumstances for fee payment and/or submission of documentation may be requested in writing and provided to