Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP)

Scope of Practice

Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) assist individuals to access, maintain or return to vocational/avocational activities, and to determine and facilitate access to any vocational rehabilitation and/or support services needed to achieve the desired goals. The practice of vocational rehabilitation is a best-practice, client-centered process and specialized service which provides assistance to persons with or at-risk of experiencing disabilities, impairments, limitations and/or barriers with respect to school, home, employment and community-based activities. Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals possess a unique set of knowledge, experiences, skills, as well as the ability to determine and apply interventions and strategies in order to provide vocational rehabilitation services, as confirmed via the College’s certification and examination process.


In addition, CVRP Registrants who have successfully completed the Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) Pathway can also conduct TSAs.



Application Process

Before submitting the CVRP application and required documentation, please forward your current resume to info@cvrp.ca to determine eligibility for the certification. This review is of no cost to the potential applicant.

The following documentation must be submitted with all applications:

  1. CVRP Mandatory Jurisprudence Course Completion Certificate

  2. Proof of ability to work in Canada. A copy of a current Canadian Passport or Canadian Birth Certificate. If you do not currently hold Canadian citizenship, submit documented authorization under the Immigration Act (Canada) to engage in employment in Canada.

  3. Original education transcripts, in a sealed envelope sent directly from the education institution of note.

  4. Submit a current Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC).

  5. Proof of VR Experience:

    1. If you are a practicing VR professional with related university education please submit detailed Curriculum Vitae, showing a minimum of 800 hours of related work experience.

    2. If you are a practicing VR professional with non-VR related university education please submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae showing a minimum 24 to 36 months of related work experience.

    3. If you are a new graduate of an accepted VR or Disability Management degree please submit transcript documentation or a signed affidavit or 2 written attestations of 800 hours of practicum experience.

  6. Provide an Professional Liability (Errors and Ommisions (E & O)) Practice Insurance certificate. If you are a new graduate, this document is not required to sit the examination. Professional Liability (Errors and Ommisions (E & O)) Practice Insurance is to be submitted with initial registration fee.

  7. Successful completion of the CVRP Competency Examination.

The CVRP competency examination is a 6 hour written Vocational Rehabilitation competency examination, consisting of 300 skill-based, multiple-choice and scenario questions. Examination content is standardized and a passing grade of 70% is required for Certification. More information about the CVRP core competencies.



Click here for the CVRP Application Form