Return to Work Disability Manager (RTWDM)



We are excited to announce the Grandfathering phase for the New Return to Work Disability Manager (RTWDM) credential.


Disability management is a field steeped in insurance-based rehabilitation. Over the years, the industry has expanded and now covers a wide variety of services and solutions to benefit people. To keep up with this ever-evolving industry, CVRP has created the new credential RTWDM.


The RTWDM will provide those services necessary to assist workers who, due to an injury or illness, experience, or at risk of experiencing, a loss of function to remain at work and/or return to work.

Scope of Practice

Return to Work Disability Managers (RTWDM) have the specialized expertise in developing, coordinating and implementing timely and effective individualized return to work programs following illness or injuries, to enable clients to return to productive and meaningful participation in job duties while ensuring their safety and the safety of others in the workplace. Registrants with this specialty possess a unique set of knowledge, experiences, skills, as well as the ability to determine and apply interventions and strategies, which are used to support affected worker, employers, unions, health care providers and any other stakeholder. Registrants with this specialty are responsible for minimizing the impact of illness or injuries on workers, coworkers, employers and organizations while maximizing the recovery of the affected worker.

After the Grandfathering phase certification eligibility criteria is based on experience and/or formal education as well as the passing of an examination.


Grandfathering Eligibility for RTWDM


Grandfathering will be open from April 1, 2020 until May 31, 2021. To be accepted for this phase of the new credential, applicants must meet the following criteria:


  1. A member in good standing holding any one of the following credentials:

    • A member in good standing with CVRP holding designations of CVRP, CCVE, ICVE

    • A member in good standing with VRA holding designations of RRP, RVP, RCSS

    • A member in good standing with CRCC holding designation of CCRC or CRC

    • A member in good standing with the Canadian Certified Lifecare Planners CCLCP

    • A member in good standing with a disability management related credential such as CDMP, CRTWC, CHRP

  2. Demonstrated work experience in disability management – minimum of 800 hours confirmed in writing by employer or submit your resume;

  3. Submit proof of current Vulnerable Sector Police Check;*

  4. Submit proof of Errors and Omissions insurance;

  5. Application Fee $225.00 plus applicable taxes.


Click here for the RTWDM Grandfathering Application Form


For further eligibility information and application process inquiries, please contact


*A VSPC is valid for 5 years. A new one is not required if you already have one on file with CVRP. If you are not registered with CVRP but have one on file with your employer, a copy of that one is sufficient.

COVID-19 Update for VSPC: A VSPC may not be available in your area due to the COVID-19 situation. This requirement will be postponed if you are unable to obtain a VSPC at this time.