Application for CCVE Diplomate – CCVE (D)

Those registrants who have received the CCVE credential can apply to ladder up their credential to the Diplomate status. Candidates must complete the Credential Laddering Application form (click here). To assist in organizing and submitting required documentation, please use the Check List for Diplomate Status (click here).

Candidates will be required to demonstrate achievement of at least eight (8) of the areas of accomplishment listed for the CCVE(D) below or demonstrate achievement of at least four (4) of the areas of accomplishment and confirm they have a Masters or Doctorate degree from an accredited university in one of the following related areas:

Vocational Evaluation/ Assessment

Transferable Assessment / Analysis

Work Adjustment

Vocational Education

Areas of Accomplishment

1. Have designed and developed a minimum three (3) credit course curriculum related to a specialized area of VE for a recognized post-secondary institution, university or professional College

2. Taught a minimum of a three (3) credit course at the post-secondary level in the area of VE within a post-secondary college, university, or professional college.

3. Developed and delivered at least one keynote presentation in the area of VE to your peers at a conference or to a professional body such as lawyers, other vocational rehabilitation professionals, or an organization for SCI or TBI etc., that was at least three (3) hours in time in last five (5) years where CEUS were awarded.

4. Developed and delivered or co-delivered at least three (3) presentations in an area of VE that was at least an hour in presentation time, over the past five (5) years, to professional body such as CAVEWAS / VRA Lawyers Association or other accepted professional entity where CEUS were awarded.

5. Authored or co-authored a peer-reviewed published article in an area of VE that is at least one thousand (1000) words.

6. Designed and developed a work sample including demonstration of validity and reliability of such assessment tool.

7. Confirm being retained as an expert witness in one of the following settings where your work product was tabled and / or you testified: court, tribunal, mediation, arbitration OR submit two letters from referring agents that your professional work product was used to defend a position, either plaintiff‎ or defense in legal proceedings.

8. Served a minimum of one (1) year, as elected by your peers, on a national or international board, that advocates for and represents professionals working in the field of vocational evaluation.

9. Provide confirmation of mentoring a minimum of two (2) individuals in VE (with letter co- signed by you and the person mentored confirming same, along with what areas of VE were taught) for a period of one (1) year in duration of at least one hundred (100) hours of direct one-on-one time.

10. Formally contributed to the development of the CCVE exam or another VE exam for a recognized professional body for at least 8 hours of exam preparation time.

11. Volunteer and be trained to become a peer-reviewer of VE work products for the CVRP Peer-Review Subcommittee of the CCVE Registration and Application Committee (a standing Committee of the College) ‎for at least one year during the 2015 / 2016 calendar year.

12. Write the CCVE exam anonymously as a volunteer to assist in establishing a validity base-line for the CVRP CCVE examination development committee.

CCVE Fellow Diplomate Checklist