Application for Extension of CEU Period

  • The non-refundable CEU Extension Application Fee is $100.00 + Provincial taxes. If this application is received 15 days prior to your mandatory biennial CEU submission date, your registration status will remain in good standing for 60 days past the biennial CEU submission date. If this application is received less than 15 days from your CEU submission date, a ruling will be made by the Registrar as to the extension length. Any application for CEU submission extension, which is received beyond the biennial CEU submission date, will result in a registration file audit by the Registrar and/or the Registration Committee. There are allowances for medical and compassionate reasons and in some cases, employment interruption or undue hardship, but these allowances are only considered will full registration audit. If CEUs submissions are incomplete, the registrant’s status will remain under Administrative Suspension or full Suspension until all conditions are met, as assessed by the College.
  • example 2014 January.
  • Only 1 application for CEU extension is allowed per 2-year CEU period. Failure to submit all required CEU’s by 10 days prior to the extension date will result in suspended registration and further penalties.