Application for Non-Practicing

Registrants may apply for Non-Practicing status if not currently employed or practicing. Reasons for application may include: work interruption, work in an outside field of employment, sabbatical for education, temporary retirement, extended leave from the profession due to military service, medical leave, personal responsibilities and absence from the country.


This classification allows the Registrant to maintain registration in good standing at a reduced annual cost. If the Registrant returns to full employment for even a few hours a week, the non-practicing registrant MUST contact the College prior to the resumption of that work and bring their registration status back to full practicing classification. During the period of non-practicing classification, the registration maintenance requirements do not change. During the period that the Registrant is Non-Practicing it is recommended that Errors and Omissions/Liability Insurance be maintained in the event that issues predating the non-practicing period emerge. Upon full reinstatement Registrants must submit a current Errors and Omissions/Liability insurance certificate and VSPC/PC.


Please note that it is considered to be an act of Professional Misconduct to practice while classified as Non-practicing.

Note: A Registrant whose status is Non-Practicing continues to be subject to the Rules of Conduct of the College for professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, applicable any time during which the person holds a Certificate of Registration under this By-Law and may be investigated pursuant to the Rules of Conduct.



The Registrant must complete the Application for Non-Practicing Status.


The applicable fees to maintain Non-Practicing status are listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.


Should the Registrant maintain Non-Practicing status for a period of time less than one full year, Registrant will pay full annual renew fee and non-practicing fee will be refunded.




Non-Practicing Registrants maintaining this status for a period of up to one year must maintain CEUs as required under full Registration status. Registrants returning to full registration status notice is to be provided 10 days prior to resumption of work. Payment of fees to resume practicing status will be required at least 2 days in advance of the first day of resumption of VR/VE work.


Non-Practicing Registrants exceeding 4 years may be required to complete modules on Ethics and Standards of Practice.