Application for Non-Practicing Status

Registrants who may be unfortunately experiencing longer term health problems, an employment interruption or taking a temporary retirement or rest leave from employment, or require a more extensive period of time to relocate or address a family matter can apply for non-practicing status.


This classification allows the registrant to maintain their registration in good standing at a reduced annual cost while they are not practicing during a period of change as described above.  However, if the registrant returns to VR employment of even a few hours a week, the non-practicing registrant MUST contact the College prior to the resumption of that work and bring their registration status back to full practicing classification.  During the period of non-practicing classification, the registration maintenance requirements (CEUs and VSPC) do not change.


Please note that it is considered to be an act of Professional Misconduct to practice while classified as Non-practicing.


To complete an online application form for Non-Practicing Status, click here