Application for Registration Leave(s)


In the event that a registrant needs to leave active practice for a few months (up to 12 months), there is a process to request a temporary Leave of Absence.     Types of leave may include those as are commonly defined within provincial and federal laws governing employment LOA’s. These may include medical leave, work interruption (employment change/ disruption), military service, civic responsibility (i.e. jury duty) and compassionate leave (family care responsibility; bereavement).


Maternity and paternity leave does not constitute a leave from College practicing status. Following an employment maternity/paternity leave, a College registrant can apply for up to 6 months’ time of extension for submission of CEU’s. There will be no fee assessed for this requested CEU extension request due to a maternity employment leave. Request for extension must be received 15 days prior to the CEU submission dates. Approved LOA’s do not change the date or requirements for annual registration maintenance.


If a registrant requires more than 12 months of leave, it is recommended that consideration for non-practicing classification be considered.  The policy and the application for non-practicing status is located under this same tab of the College website. Contact can be made to the Registrar to discuss registration options at  .


To fill out the application form online, click here.