The 2020 College Board of Directors

Warren Comeau, BA, RRP, CCRC, CVRP(F), (F)CARP

President/Executive Committee Chair/VRAC CVRP Joint Committee Chair/Ad hoc Bylaw and Regulation Committee Chair

Renée Daudlin-lacobelli, CVRP(F), CCVE, ICVE, RTWDM

Director//Secretary/Treasurer/Executive Committee Member/VRAC Liaison to CVRP Board of Directors/VRAC CVRP Joint Committee Member

Thea Aldrich, CCVE(D) CVRP, CVE, PVE 

Director/TSA VE Peer Review Panel Member/Registration Committee Member/VRAC CVRP Joint Committee Member

Sharon Smith, MA, CVRP(F), RTWDM, RRP

Director/Chair of Registration Committee/Professional Practice Committee Member/Executive Committee Member/VRAC CVRP Joint Committee Member

Jennifer Chladny, CVRP, CCVE(F), ICVE, RRP

Director/VRAC Liaison/TSA VE Peer Review Panel Member/Registration Committee Member/VRAC CVRP Joint Committee Member

Keith Glynn, CVRP, CCVE, CLCP

Director/TSA Review Panel Member



Francis Fung, M.Ed., B.Sc., CCVE(D), CVRP(D), ICVE

Director/Professional Practice Committee Member/VE Peer Review Panel Member

Dr. Michel Lacerte, MDCM, M.Sc., FRCPC, DESS, CVRP(D)

Director/Chair of Fitness to Practice Committee

Dr. Camille Hadida, D.C., CVRP(F), CCVE, ICVE, MA Counselling Psychology, Reg. Psychotherapist

Director/Chair of Professional Practice Committee/Complaints Committee Member/Ad Hoc Conflict of Interest Committee Member/Ad hoc Bylaw and Regulation Committee Member

Katherine Potts, BSW, RSW, CVRP

Director/Ad hoc Bylaw and Regulation Committee Member


Director/Registration Committee Member

Lisa Blakeney, MA, ICVE, CVE

VECAP Liaison to CVRP Board of Directors/US ICVE Review Panel

Honourable Judge Patrick Kennedy, LL. B, LL.M

Public Director/Chair of Complaints Committee/Ad hoc Bylaw and Regulation Committee Member

Charles Foster, Q.C.

Public Director/Chair of Discipline Committee/Ad hoc Bylaw and Regulation Committee Member

Dr. Garry Corbett, CDMP, CVRP(D), CCVE(D), VRAC(F)

Chancellor of Education/Chair of Examination Committee/Ad hoc Bylaw and Regulation Committee Member

Roselle Piccininni, B.Sc. CVRP(D), RTWDM, CCRC, RRP, VRAC(F)


Roselle Piccininni B.Sc., CVRP (D) CCRC, RTWDM, RRP, VRAC (F) – Registrar of the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals. (CVRP) Former President of the Founding Board of CVRP in 2010. Roselle brings years of experience and dedication as a VRA Ontario Board Director continuously from 1996 – 2010, holding the office of Ontario President from 2005 to 2006, VRA National President from 2006 to 2008 and National Past President from 2008 to 2010. Roselle continued to serve on the CVRP as a Director as a historian and active member of the Executive Committee. She presently holds the title of Registrar since January 2020. Roselle graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science and has held her CCRC certification (Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) since 2006 and her CVRP since 2010. Roselle was a founding Principal at arc health management a private company providing health management solutions to the private and insurance sectors. Roselle specializes in mental health disabilities and has experience with accommodation supports around these issues. Roselle has worked in the Life and Health market for over 30 years returning disabled individual back to work. Her expertise as a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional and her business experience brings more than 30 year of experience for employers, and insurers.

Sue Allardyce, MSW, CCRC, CVRP(F), RTWDM, RRP
Assistant Registrar/CEU Coordinator/TSA VE Coordinator

Sue has worked in the Vocational Rehabilitation field for more than 25 years for not-for-profit, private and government organizations. Her experience includes the provision of vocational rehabilitation, disability management, case management and career counselling services to clients.

She has also worked in an advisory capacity in the rehabilitation and mental health fields with Veterans Affairs Canada and provided case management services to clients when working for Canada Pension Plan Disability. In addition, she has participated in policy development, staff management in direct service and policy application, file audits, and has taught case management and assessment at the university level.

Sue’s volunteer work includes being a member of the CVRP National Board, the President of the Vocational Rehabilitation Society of Canada (VRAC) Manitoba Society and a member of the VRAC National Board among other board and committee memberships.