CCVE Application Process


The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (The College) has developed a competency examination for the Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE) as a Vocational Specialty Credential. The examination consists of two(2) sections of 150 multiple choice questions. Examination candidates are allowed up to 3 hours to complete each section.

Please click here to read the Policy for CCVE New Applicant Examination process before proceeding.
Upon successful passing of the CCVE examination and award of the CCVE, application for the Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator/Fellow (CCVE(F)) or Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator/Diplomate (CCVE(D) status, can be completed under separate application.


Upon acceptance into the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, each member will be listed in the CVRP Public Registry, which contains all of the publicly available contact information (Name, Registration year, Certification and number, Employment contact information, status of Registration) of certified members of the College. Any person may request a copy of all or part of the Register of members of the College.

The primary purpose of CCVE certification is to provide assurance to the public that those professionals engaged in vocational evaluation meet acceptable standards of minimum knowledge, performance and quality. Based on the criteria established by the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, those applicants who successfully pass the CCVE competency examination and are awarded the Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE) certification have demonstrated an acceptable minimum level of expertise and applied knowledge with regard to the practice of Vocational Evaluation, which includes the methodology of a Transferable Skills Analysis.

CCVE APPLICATION CRITERIA – Prerequisite Education
1) Specific course requirements and school transcripts may be met through completion of formal education, lecture courses, unpaid practicums, seminars or workshops, as approved by the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals.


CCVE applicants must complete this on-line application form and submit the following documents. Documents can be uploaded electronically below or sent by mail or courier to CVRP. Please refer to the contacts page for the correct addresses.

1) Currently be a registered CVRP in good standing:

a) Demonstrate a minimum of two years work experience conducting vocational assessments, using psychometrics, with a current resume

b) Documentation of completion and authoring of minimum 40 vocational evaluations, including conducting job matching activity, making recommendations for vocational rehabilitation activity and independently authoring vocational assessment reports, PLUS completion of minimum 10 Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA), including conducting job matching activity and independently authoring TSA report.

c) Documentation of completion of labour market research via Internet-based research as well as direct Employer contact

d) Submission of completed Employer Verification Form(s) confirming above-noted experience or, if self-employed, Verification Forms completed by referral sources.  Here is the link for the form:

e) Submission of formal Job Description(s), signed by the Employer(s) or yourself, if self employed.

2) Demonstrate competency through peer review (i.e. demonstration of assessment methodology, interpretation and presentation of assessment results, and professional communication) via submission of the following fully independently authored redacted work products:

a) Transferable Skills Analysis Report

b) Vocational Assessment or Vocational Evaluation Report.

Additional documents required as a CVRP registrant in good standing, if not already and or have not submitted for CVRP registration::

 a) A current original Vulnerable Sector Police Check (within 4 years of the search date). Click here for more information

b) Certificate of current Errors and Ommisions (E & O) Practice Insurance that is specific to the practice of VR or VE in Canada. Click here for more information

4) Copy of Birth Certificate or current Canadian Passport. If not born in Canada, proof of Canadian Citizenship or authorization under the Immigration Act (Canada) to permit you to engage in employment in Canada and/or confirmation that you have worked in Canada for at least 7 years.

3. Following satisfactory demonstration of the above via formal peer review through the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, the candidate must:

Successfully pass the formal CCVE examination through the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals.

A mark of 70% must be achieved in order to be considered a passing grade.

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