Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator – CCVE™

Registered CVRPs in good standing, who are currently engaged in the provision of Vocational Assessment and/or Vocational Evaluation can apply to be accepted to sit the CCVE qualification as a new applicant. Click here for the CCVE Domains of Learning. Please see CCVE New Applicant Policy for application process.

Certification Requirements:
Application for Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE):

In order to pursue CCVE certification, CVRP applicants in good standing will complete the on-line application form and submit the following documents:

1) Submit a letter from an employer (or 3 letters of reference /attestation for self-employed professionals) to demonstrate a minimum of two years’ work experience conducting or reviewing/co-signing vocational assessments and/or evaluations, using psychometrics/ standardized testing and including and confirming the following:


a) completion and authoring of minimum 40 vocational evaluation/assessments, including conducting job matching activity, making recommendations for vocational rehabilitation activity reports

b) completion of minimum 10 Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA), including conducting job matching activity:

i. completion of labour market research via Internet-based research as well as direct Employer contact

ii. submission of completed Employer Verification Form(s) confirming above-noted experience or, if self-employed, Verification Forms completed by referral sources

iii. submission of formal Job Description(s), signed by the Employer(s) or yourself, if self-employed.


2) A detailed resume, documenting vocational evaluation/assessment activity in past 2 years.

3) Confirmation they are a member in good standing with CAVEWAS

4) A original copy of a current Vulnerable Sector Police check

5) Confirmation of current VR or VE professional liability insurance

6) Copy of Birth Certificate or current Canadian Passport.  If not born in Canada, proof of Canadian Citizenship or authorization under the Immigration Act (Canada) to permit you to engage in employment in Canada and or confirmation that you have worked in Canada for at least 7 years.

7) Two (2) re-dacted work products (one TSA and 1 other Vocational Assessment) to be reviewed by the CCVE peer-review sub-committee to demonstrate competency (i.e. demonstration of assessment methodology, interpretation and presentation of assessment results, and professional communication).

An application is considered to be incomplete until all the information has been received by CVRP.   An applicant need not submit documentation already submitted for the CVRP certification with the following exceptions:

a) An original copy of a Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC) on a registrant file must be current (within 4 years of the search date);

b)The Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance Certificate must be current for the year applied and be specific to the practice of vocational rehabilitation.  Upon CCVE certification, the registrant must hold an E&O certificate, denoting E&O coverage specific to the practice of vocational evaluation.

 Click here  for the CCVE application.  There are hot keys at the end of the application form for the electronic upload of the required documents, excluding the required original document VSPC (if updated document is required).  Payment of applicable fees is available on-line through PayPal.  Alternate payment can be made by mailed certified cheque or bank draft, with the inclusion of the administration fee (plus taxes) for hard payment.  The administration fee is determined by the College BOD and changes accordingly.   Please refer to the College Fee schedule (Click here).

CCVE application documents are to be received a minimum of  45 – 60 days prior to the next Regional certification examination date, along with the non-refundable application fee, to allow for the peer-review process of the submitted work samples.  Should documentation and payment not be received 45 days prior to the CCVE certification examination date, the non-refundable application fee may be determined to be null and void.  Please contact the Registrar to discuss specific circumstances.

An applicant can request examination deferment on a one time basis. See Deferral CCVE Competency Examination Date below.

In consideration of exceptional circumstances, an applicant can request in writing (Electronic copy accepted) a refund of the certification examination fee upon providing explanation and documentation to support that request. The written request for refund of the certification examination fee must be received by the Registrar no less than 30 days prior to the established certification examination date.

All applications are reviewed by the Registrar and / or a panel of experienced members
of the CCVE Registration and Application Committee to fairly determine if the applicant has met preliminary eligibility criteria. The re-dacted work samples are then forwarded to the CCVE Registration and Application Peer-review sub-committee, where a panel of 2 trained Peer-reviewers will provide a confidential decision to the Registrar on the acceptability and quality of the applicants work.

The successful CCVE applicant is then provided with the date of the next certification examination sitting. If an applicant is deemed ineligible to sit the examination, the Registrar will provide a written refusal with an accompanying explanation. Should the applicant be considered ineligible to sit the examination upon initial application, the Registrar will endeavour to assist that applicant with preparation for the next examination sitting, through highlighting additional pre-requisite education and/ or the procurement of necessary documentation.
Failure to Pass CCVE Examination:
If a CCVE applicant does not successfully pass the certification examination at time of initial writing, the Registrar and/or the CCVE Application and Registration Committee will endeavor to assist the CCVE applicant with preparation for the next examination sitting, through highlighting in particular additional educational resources for the demonstrated areas of weakness. An applicant may re-apply to sit the certification examination, following the process as outlined above (see: Application Process and Review). Submission of applicable fees is required.

Anapplicant may have a total of four attempts (including first sitting) to successfully pass the certification examination. An examination fee is charged each time an applicant sits the examination.
Deferral CCVE Competency Examination Date
A CCVE applicant can request deferral or postponement to the next regional certification examination date, if the interference of unforeseen life circumstances renders the applicant’s attendance to the established examination date untenable. Reasonable explanation is required with payment of deferment fee (Click here for Application for Examination Deferment).

The request for examination deferment must be received no less than ten (10) days prior to the established certification examination date. In the case of an emergency, the CCVE applicant is responsible to email the Registrar as soon as possible for the Special Circumstance Review. Only one request for deferral is accepted per CCVE application.  An Applicant who applies to write the examination but fails to attend the established certification examination on the date for which they have been automatically assigned the failure status.  An application to re-sit the CCVE examination must be received within  90 days of the next examination sitting date or the original application will be considered null and void.

Following review of the Request for Examination Deferral Application, an applicant may be granted a ‘pass through’ to the next scheduled certification examination date depending on individual circumstance. Each request will be reviewed by the Registrar of the College and / or the CCVE Registration and Application Committee, as deemed necessary.

Applicants who have either been denied the opportunity to write the certification examination or who have been denied a request for postponement or deferral of the examination date may refer to the Appeals Policy for further information. (see Appeals Policy – click here).