Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator

Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE) is a sub-specialty certification within the field of vocational rehabilitation that qualified professionals can pursue.  It is a certification for professionals who are engaged in transferable skills analysis, vocational evaluation/assessments and earning capacity analysis, utilizing psychometric/ vocational testing (at least Level A and Level B tests) as well as work samples technology.


Professionals who earn the CCVE designation, by successfully passing the peer review of their methodology and the board exam have demonstrated that, based on the criteria established by the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, they possess the acceptable minimum level of competence, knowledge and expertise within this sub-specialty field.


The CCVE Domains of Learning are:

1. Foundation of Vocational Evaluation
2. Principles of Vocational Evaluation
3. Test Selection
4. Transferable Skills & Employability Analysis
5. Occupational Information
6. Ethics
7. Disability
8. Communication

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Please click here to read the Policy for CCVE New Applicant Examination process.


The Grandfathering Policy was developed by the CVRP/CAVEWAS CCVE Ad Hoc Development Committee. The committee has worked diligently since February 2015.  On June 19th, 2015 an agreement was made between CVRP and CAVEWAS to work together in the development and roll-out of this credential for the betterment of the vocational rehabilitation profession in Canada.


The application process for grandfathering and the eligibility to sit the exam was a rigorous process, to ensure that this specific skill-set for vocational evaluation is protected and preserved for the protection of the public in need of vocational assessment. A trial CCVE examination sitting took place on November 29th, 2015.  Following a full day of examination training sponsored by CAVEWAS on May 7th, 2016 the first sitting of CCVE examination took place in Toronto on May 8th, with a second sitting in St. John’s Newfoundland on May 10th.  The CCVE grandfathering process ending April 30, 2017.


CAVEWAS has worked diligently, to develop the CCVE study manual and examination preparation course for those VR professionals who did not qualify for grandfathering status. It is anticipated that CAVEWAS will sponsor the examination preparation course prior to each schedule CCVE examination sitting. For more information, please contact the College Registrar OR CAVEWAS directly.


The CVRP Board of Directors approved that the CCVE Registration and Application Committee and the CCVE be accepted as a new Standing Committee of the College.   On behalf of the CVRP Board of Directors,  heartfelt thanks is extended to the Ad Hoc committee for their commitment, and hours of hard work, in bringing this credential to fruition. Gratitude is also extended to Dr. Garry Corbett for once again leading the CCVE subcommittee of the CVRP Examination Committee and the Board of CAVEWAS for the work contributed in the development of the CCVE competency exam. This is a proud moment for all involved in the VR profession.