Certification Overview and Examination

CVRP Certification has the following benefits:

Registrants have demonstrated competency, with accountability guaranteed to the stakeholders.

Practice currency is maintained through Continuing Education standards.

Classification advancement is attainable through post-graduate education.

Credential laddering through promotion of VR research, peer-reviewed published journal articles and development of University level VR education programs.

All Registrants are listed and searchable in the CVRP Public Registry.

All Registrants pass Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC).


Upon acceptance into the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP), each Registrant will be listed in the CVRP Public Registry, which contains all of the publicly available information (name, Registration year, Certification and number, Employment contact information, status of Registration).  Any person may request a copy of all or part of the list of Registrants with the College.


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Examination for Certification

The CVRP Certification Examination is a 6 hour written Vocational Rehabilitation competency examination, which consists of 300 knowledge and skill-based, multiple-choice and scenario-type questions. The process for the development of this Certification Examination and the description of the nine (9) Core Competencies is provided in this document. At present, a passing grade is set at 65%. Examination content is standardized, with reliability co-efficient of .84, as of March 2013. Registration and examination criteria are validated on an ongoing basis and reviewed by the CVRP Registration and Examination Committees, as established by the By-laws and Rules of the College.

The first CVRP Certification Examination sitting took place on December 1, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. Since that date, CVRP has held examination sittings in St John’s, Newfoundland (February 2013); Regina, Saskatchewan (March 2013); Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (October 2013); Toronto, Ontario (February, June November, 2013; June and November 2014); Richmond, British Columbia (May 2014); and Halifax, Nova Scotia (June 2014).

The Examination Committee, now established as a standing committee of the College (CVRP General ByLaw No 1 revised December 3, 2014 meets on an annual basis to review the examination process and continue to build an updated bank of examination questions. As of March 2014, the CVRP question bank consisted of over 600 validated questions. The goal of the standing Examination Committee is to develop 200 new questions per annual review and review / update / maintain the previously developed questions. The expected end result will be to have an operational bank of 2000 validated questions. In this way, each consecutive examination will be re-drawn from the bank to avoid duplication. In the event of re-examination, this will minimize the inherent learning effect on results. CVRP is proud of the accomplishment of the Examination Committee and very gratefully acknowledges the dedication, knowledge, skill and volunteer time given by each member of this committee since its inception in 2011. Special thanks go to Dr. Garry Corbett who has voluntarily led the annual Examination meeting / workshop. His devotion to the Vocational Rehabilitation field, his professionalism and the sharing of his expertise has been invaluable to the College.

The Amnesty Grandfathering period for application to the College was discontinued as of June 30, 2013. The grandfathering process provided a 3-year period during which experienced VR professionals would be accepted for registration in the College without the need to prove competency through written examination.
Current registrants, including those professionals who have written the certification examination as well as those individuals who were grandfathered into CVRP, who default in complying with the annual renewal process are subject to the College’s Reinstatement Policy which requires successful completion of the Certification Examination.

To successfully encompass all practice aspects of the Vocational Rehabilitation professional, the CVRP Board of Directors accepted the following abbreviated Scope of Practice for the purpose of the development of the Certification Examination:

“Whatever services needed to help someone with a disability to enter, stay at, return to and / or remain in work.”

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