Certification Examination Accommodation Policy


To outline the procedure for new applicants and/or current registrants who require accommodations for writing the CVRP Certification Examination.



In order to request and have special accommodations arranged for the CVRP Certification Examination, new applicants and/or current registrants who are required to write the examination must contact the CVRP Registrar at least 45 days prior to the next regional examination date and request special accommodation. The request must outline the accommodation needs and appropriate documentation supporting the request (e.g. medical letter, educational assessment, etc.) must be included.


All special accommodation requests are subject to approval by the Registrar on a case by case basis. The Registrar will notify individuals by telephone and email of the decision on their request.


Approved special accommodations will be arranged for the individuals at no extra charge.


Download a copy here CVRP Exam Accommodation Policy