CVRP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Welcome to the CVRP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Learning Module. On completion of the program, 6 ethics CEU credits will be awarded. Registrants need only to download the completion certificate from the completed program and upload it to the CVRP website.


Course Description

The purpose of this education module is to provide opportunity for CVRP registrants to review and understand the revised CVRP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and gain some Ethics and Professional Practice CEUs at the same time. To prepare for the education component in Section 3 of this course, it is important you read and become familiar with the CVRP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Document.


Throughout the content of this module, the participant is given analytic activity, which requires review of the CVRP Standards document in Section 2. This activity will increase awareness of the behaviour expected of the vocational rehabilitation professional and the professional’s responsibility to know the all aspects of the CVRP Code and Practice Standards. In the event of a complaint against a registrant of CVRP, the behaviour or action in question will be thoroughly evaluated against the principles and practices contained in the CVRP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. A registrant who knows and understands will be in a much better position to avoid being the subject of a practice complaint and, in the event of finding themselves named in a complaint action, be more knowledgeable about how to best defend against potential complaints rulings.


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To help you navigate the site, we have some helpful hints:

  1. On receipt of the registration and payment for the learning module, CVRP Administration will forward the access information that will allow you to start the program. By email, you will receive a user-name and a password, according to the email you recorded on the registration form. You will have 30 days from the day you are given the access information to complete the module. This is a learning program, not a graded test.

  2. The flow of the learning module is designed to be completed in a consecutive manner. Although there are six sections, there are quizzes after Section 2, Section 3 and Section 6 only. At the end of Section 2, 3 and 6, there is a short quiz of multiple choice questions in the sections. All questions must be answered correctly before you can proceed to next section. If you have wrong answers, return to the written material of the section to find the correct information and re-take the quiz. Please note that all quiz questions are shuffled and must be answered correctly again. In this way, correct information is learned and better retained for application to daily job tasks. A quiz can be taken repeatedly until you are successful in completing the questions correctly.

  3. Use the navigation bar located on the right side of the learning module. Expand the section to use the link in red.

  4. It is recommended that you schedule breaks between the sections or plan to divide the module up over 3 different times or dates.

  5. If you are experiencing any difficulty with access or returning to the module, email for assistance.

  6. When you have completed the course, it is your responsibility to download the certificate, and then upload it to your profile on the CVRP website. CEUs will not be awarded until the certificate is submitted. To submit credits, login to and go to this page:


Online Education Registration – Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice