Certification Examination Policy


The CVRP Certification Examination is a 6 hour written Vocational Rehabilitation Competency examination which consists of 300 knowledge, skill-based and scenario-type questions in a multiple choice format. These questions are based on the Core Competencies and Domains of Learning.


Examination Procedure

The format of the examination is two sections, with the first set of 150 questions written in the morning and the second set of 150 questions written in the afternoon of the same day. A maximum of 3 hours is allotted for the completion of each section. The Registrar will provide within thirty (30) days, in writing via letter or e-mail, the results of the Certification Examination. The certification passing grade is set at 70%. Examination content is standardized according the CVRP core competencies with a reliability co-efficient goal of over .80.


On the day of the examination, examinees are prohibited from the use of all electronic devices, including smart watches, any books, notes or other electronic aids. There is a dress code restricting bulky or concealing clothing, except those worn for religious reasons. Request for examination accommodation with regard to clothing, electronic aides and time allotment must be submitted in writing, along with examination application. Documentation will be required to process and substantiate accommodation requests. To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding about expected examination behaviour, please carefully review the examination rules.


The College adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for cheating on any College examination. During an examination sitting, if the assigned proctor determines that an applicant is suspected or found to be cheating, the individual will be asked to leave the examination site immediately. He/she will not be accepted to apply to the College to write any College credential examinations for a period of five (5) years. There is an appeal process if the individual so chooses. The appeal will be reviewed by the Registrar and Registration Committee, as per the College Appeals Process. Should the individual choose to make reapplication, 3 reference formal letters will be required from non-related professionals who know the quality of the applicant’s work and are prepared to attest to his/her professional and ethical behavior/character.


Request for Examination Deferment

A new Applicant can request postponement or deferment of sitting the examination to the next regional Certification Examination date if unforeseen life circumstances render the Applicant’s attendance to the established examination date untenable. A Request for Examination Deferment Application must be completed and submitted with the appropriate documentation and applicable fee as listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.


The request must be received no less than 10 days prior to the established exam date. Following review of the request, an Applicant will be provided with the decision and the agreed deferred examination date. Each request will be reviewed by the Registrar and/or the Registration Committee as deemed necessary. In case of an emergency, the Applicant is responsible to e-mail the Registrar as quickly as possible for the Special Circumstances Review.


Only one request for deferral is accepted per new application. An Applicant who applied and been accepted to write the examination but fails to show on assigned date and at the location for which they have been accepted, will be required to pay a no-show fee of $150.00 plus taxes and pay the re-write fee of $125.00 plus taxes. Contact with the Registrar and/or the Assistant Registrar must be made to ensure that the application remains active to the next scheduled examination date.


Applicants who have either been denied the opportunity to write the examination or who have been denied a request for postponement or deferral of the examination date may refer to the Appeals Policy for further information.


Failure to Pass the Examination

If an Applicant does not achieve the successful passing grade of 70%, the Registrar will endeavour to assist the Applicant with preparation for the next examination sitting through the highlighting of educational resources for the demonstrated areas of weakness as determined through the review of the completed examination. An Applicant may re-apply to sit the examination and request review of examination results. There may be associated fees for that in-depth review as completed by the registrar. Submission of applicable fees is required prior to setting a review appointment.


An Applicant may be accepted to sit up to 4 examination sittings, to successfully pass the examination. Each sitting will consist of a different set of multiple choice examination questions to minimize inherent learning effect of consecutive test- retest results. The College reserves the authority to refuse application for consecutive sittings if results show that further formal education /training is strongly indicated for successful certification.


Questions may be directed to the Registrar at info@cvrp.ca.


Development and ongoing review of the CVRP Examination

The examination criteria are validated on an ongoing basis and reviewed by the CVRP Examination Committee, as established by the By-laws and Rules of the College.


The Examination Committee, established as a standing committee of the College (CVRP General By-Law No. 1 revised December 3, 2014) meets on an annual basis to review the examination process and continue to build an ongoing bank of examination questions. As of February 2018, the bank consisted of more than 800 validated questions. The committee’s goal is to develop 200 new questions per annual review and update the existing questions as required. The expected end result is to have an operational bank of 2,000 validated questions. Examinations will be re-drawn from the bank to avoid duplication. In the event of re-examination, this will minimize the inherent learning effect on results.


The College gratefully acknowledges the volunteer time, skill and knowledge given by each committee member since its inception. Special thanks go to Dr. Garry Corbett, who has provided his expert leadership and unending hours to the development of the College examination process and the stability of the annual examination review. His professionalism and sharing of expertise has been invaluable to the College.