Approval of Employer or Sponsor Training Programs

Policy on Posting Sponsor Training Programs

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (the College) provides an opportunity for groups to apply to have their education programs, webinars or web-based learning programs, seminars, conferences or employer in-service training to obtain pre-approval from the College for posting the approved programs on the College’s website.  This is offered as a dual service to the organizations who want to attract College certified registrants to their events and to assist the College registrants in finding and completing their mandatory biennial CEU submission for certification maintenance.  It will also assist those professionals in pursuit of achieving College certification.


Click here for the full Policy and the Application Form for Submission

Click here for the just the Application Form for Submission


Sponsors who might apply for this pre-approval option would typically include:

1. employers providing ongoing in-service training to their certified employees.

2. educational institutions / training institutes

3. professional associations

4. independent education sponsors or

5. other groups offering accredited or peer-reviewed education


Typical programs would include topics for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Vocational Evaluation (VE), Disability Management (DM) and Life Care Planning (LCP) training programs, as well as programs for mental health education, professional development, best practices and self-care programs for regulated professionals.


As of July 1st, 2018 there will be an fee for such sponsored and/or employer education.  Programs can be approved on an individual basis for annual conferences or seminars.  The fee for an individual approval is $50.00 plus provincial taxes per event.  If the sponsor anticipates more than three programs in a year or if they have multiple programs then application for multiple approvals can be completed.  The present fee for approval of multiple programs is $150.00 plus provincial taxes.  The policy and fees are set annually by the College Board of Directors.