Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance

As a Registrant of the College, you are required to hold and maintain current malpractice insurance for Errors and Omission. This insurance provides protection for miscellaneous malpractice liability for “claim(s)”s made and reported against a CVRP Registrant. A registrant who can not produce a current certificate of insurance upon audit or request, may be liable for discipline.


Most Professional Associations carry a group policy for Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance for their members. When researching appropriate insurance coverage, it is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure that the coverage is designed for College complaints and covers all aspects of VR practice. Inappropriate coverage could expose the CVRP Registrant to the potential discipline, as noted above, and liability for the high costs of defending a practice complaint.


The VRA Canada E&O policy will defend allegations brought against you (whether frivolous or with merit) because of your professional services provided to clients. Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, the insurance company underwriting VRA Canada’s program, will defend you, cover your legal defense costs and pay damages awarded to third parties (subject to the terms of your policy). Click here for the VRA Canada Insurance Program Overview.


For those Registrants who are not members of an association, Prolink Insurance Group has developed a policy for CVRP Registrants called “Miscellaneous Malpractice Liability Policy for Claims Made and Reported”. Please contact Mr. Andrew Spencer directly through email to inquire about the particulars of this policy at : or click here for the LMS webpage.