How to file a complaint

Public protection

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (the College) was created to regulate the profession of vocational rehabilitation in Canada, in the public interest. As part of this responsibility, the College ensures:

1. That members have demonstrated competency in order to certified as a CVRP, CVRP (F) or CVRP (D).  At present, the College has one specialty, Canadian Certified  Vocational Evaluators (CCVE) .  The CCVE is awarded to those CVRP registrants who have met the qualifying eligibility and passed the separate CCVE competency examination.
2. That the public is protected from incompetent, unethical, or impaired vocational rehabilitation practitioners and vocatrional evaluation specialists.
3. That Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals do not practice unless they can do so safely.
4.That Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals continually upgrade their knowledge and practice.

When you have a concern about a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional?

The College receives complaints about the conduct or competence of a CVRP from clients and their families, employers, and colleagues. We also receive complaints alleging that a CVRP or CCVE  has a health ailment impairing his/her ability to practice safely.

When you have a concern about a CVRP’s practice, we recommend:
If possible, you discuss the problem directly with the CVRP, the CVRP’s supervisor or both.
Regardless of how (or whether) you attempt to address your concern directly with the CVRP, their supervisor or their employer, you can always submit a written complaint to the College.

Submitting a written complaint to the College:

Complaints must be submitted in writing to the College by email, fax or mail.

Complaints must describe a specific concern about the conduct, competence, or health ailment (impairing practice) of an individual CVRP. The College may not have jurisdiction to review complaints that are not related to an individual Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional’s practice, if they work for an employer who has their own policies and practices.

Your letter must include:
Your name, address, phone number and/or email where you can be reached.
The name of the CVRP about whom you are making the complaint.

Details of the complaint:
In order for us to investigate your complaint, we require specific details about what happened. For example:
What did the CVRP do to cause you concern? Please be as specific as possible in describing what took place.
When did the incident(s) occur?
Were there any witnesses to the incident(s)? If so, what do you believe they witnessed? Please provide the name and contact information for the witnesses.

Describe in detail how you attempted to address these concerns with the CVRP and/or their supervisor/manager or employer. Please provide the name of anyone you spoke to in an effort to address your concerns. Please include any contact information you have for each individual, such as their title, phone number and/or email address.
Please describe how you think your concerns could be resolved.
How to submit your complaint
Send your complaint and supporting documentation to CVRP by:

Email :


College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals
P.O. Box 163
Streetsville,  ON  L5M 2B8

Courier Address:

College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals
c/o 29 Tannery Street, Unit #301

Streetsville, ON  L5M 1V1

Important: In the course of an investigation, information provided will be disclosed to the CVRP and where relevant to witnesses in the course of the investigation. This disclosure is in accordance with ethical practice and privacy legislation. Although most written complaints are resolved without a discipline hearing, information provided to or obtained by the College in the course of investigation may become public if a hearing is required.

If you have any questions about how to submit a written complaint, contact the College at 647-962-7708 or email the registrar at jray@