Credential Laddering Policy

Credential Laddering

As the field of Vocational Rehabilitation continues to grow and develop, so does the diversity of educational opportunities that are available to VR Professionals. In recognition of this, CVRP encourages and supports Registrants to increase their levels of skill within the field. Registrants who hold the professional credentials of CVRP and CCVE in good standing are eligible to apply for the credential laddering to the status of Fellow or Diplomate.


Application to Fellow or Diplomate Classification Status

Each Applicant must complete and submit the following:

  1. Application and fee. Click here for the Credential Laddering Application.

  2. Original and sealed education transcript(s) if not already submitted to CVRP.

  3. Current VSPC/PC, if required in current renewal year.

  4. Current Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) insurance certificate.

  5. Completed appropriate checklist for the CVRP(F) or CVRP(D), CCVE(F) or CCVE(D) with documentation organized and submitted for each area of accomplishment. Checklists are available below.

  6. CCVE Fellow Diplomate Checklist

    CVRP Fellow Diplomate Checklist

  7. 2 letters of reference.


    Review Process

    The laddering application is reviewed by the Registrar once all required documentation is received.


    If a Registrant has achieved the Fellow status and wishes to ladder-up to the Diplomate status, the Applicant must complete the laddering application again and submit fee. Numbers 3 & 4 listed above may be required for updating documentation, dependent on the date the Fellow classification status was awarded. If you are CVRP(F) Applicant will only be required to submit documentation for 2 more areas of accomplishment. If you are a CCVE(F), Applicant will only be required to submit 3 additional areas of accomplishment. If you were grandfathered from the MCVP to the CVRP(F), and wish to ladder up to the Diplomate status, you will be required to submit all 6 areas of accomplishment.


    CVRP requires all Registrants of the College maintain a current Errors and Omissions/liability (E&O) Insurance, preferably with defense coverage, as part of maintenance of their certification. The E&O/Liability insurance certificate should be specifically designed to cover the scope of practice and standards of practice for a CVRP and CCVE. It is noted that, if the E&O policy submitted by the Registrant is not from VRA Canada or one of its societies, then the College must review the specific policy wording to ensure it meets coverage relating to the scope of work of a CVRP and/or CCVE. ‎If the Registrants’ E&O policy is not from VRA Canada, the laddering Applicant will be required to submit an additional review and administrative processing fee of $75.00 plus taxes along with the full policy wording.


    Upon awarding of the Fellow or Diplomate status classification, the CVRP Public Registry information will be updated to reflect the new classification.


    Download a copy of Policy For Laddering Of Credentials – click here