Leave of Absence

Registrants who are unable to practice may be granted a Leave of Absence, LOA from Practice Status.


If a Registrant requires more than 12 months of leave, it is recommended to consider the non-practicing classification.


Registrants of the College may be granted a Leave of Absence, LOA from Practice Status upon application. Types and periods of leave may vary depending on circumstance and can be requested initially for up to 12 months. The Registrant must complete the annual registration renewal each year, be it at practice status or continued leave status.


Each province/state and/or territory has legislation governing employment standards and regulations specific to leaves of absence. For the purposes of this policy, the definition of “Leave of Absence” may or may not be in absolute alignment with provincial/state laws, regulations and employment standards of each Registrant’s region of work. Reference to any applicable provincial/territorial/state legislation or regulations is solely for the purpose of defining types of leave that qualify under that law for an employment absence. The policy terms and conditions for a College registration Leave of Absence shall be established and approved by the governing Board of Directors of the College and amended at the discretion of CVRP, as deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the Registration policies of the College.


Types of Leave

Types of leave may include those as are commonly defined within provincial/state and federal laws governing employment LOA’s. These may include medical leave, work interruption, military service, civic responsibility and/or compassionate leave (family care responsibility; bereavement). Maternity and paternity leave do not constitute a leave from practicing status. Following an employment maternity/paternity leave, a College Registrant can apply for up to 6 months’ time of extension for submission of CEUs. There will be no fee assessed for this requested CEU extension request due to a maternity employment leave. Request for extension must be received 15 days prior to CEU submission dates. Approved LOA’s do not change the date or requirements for annual registration maintenance.


Status While on Leave

While on leave, a Registrant is considered to be inactive, the Registrant will continue to retain original class of registration. As such, no work in the field of vocational rehabilitation and/or vocational evaluation can be performed without notifying the College of return to practice status. This includes participation in a part-time or graduated return to work program or volunteer hours in a work conditioning program if there is any interaction with the public.


At the end of an approved LOA, the registration fees for that current year must be brought to practicing status, which is the difference between the paid LOA registration fee and annual registration fee. All outstanding CEU’s must be submitted or a CEU extension discussed with the College, if applicable.


A Registrant granted a LOA is required to maintain Professional Liability Insurance throughout the period of leave. A Registrant on a LOA is encouraged to contact their insurance carrier to discuss change in practice status, as some carriers do have options of coverage for practice interruptions. Maintaining the insurance coverage is to ensure that the Registrant is protected from any claim made against an event that occurred prior to the LOA. Proof of insurance will required on return to active practice.


Application for Leave of Absence

To apply for a LOA, a Registrant must complete the online Leave of Absence Application Form, submit appropriate supporting documentation and pay the non-refundable processing fee as listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule. The date of the start of the leave and the anticipated end of the leave must be clearly noted on the application form. Once the application is received, reviewed and all applicable fees are paid to the College, the Registrant will receive written confirmation from the College relative to the approval of the application.


Duration of Leave

Duration of leave is dependent upon the type of LOA requested and circumstance of the Registrant. If the leave goes beyond the dates approved, (if return to practice was originally anticipated before the Registrant’s annual renewal date), the Registrant must complete the application for LOA before or on the date of their annual renewal. Failure to do so will result in the assessment of registration penalty.


Maintenance of Continuing Education

All Continuing Education requirements must be maintained during approved LOA period. Application for CEU extension must be made at least 15 days prior to the deadline for CEU submission. Length of extension and fees assessed will be determined by the College, dependent on the type of leave and professional circumstances.



Should LOA exceed 3 years, reinstatement of the Registrant during the 4 year will require completion and submission of the mandatory number of CEUs, along with completion of the CVRP Jurisprudence and Standards of Practice online modules.


Reinstatement of Registrants exceeding 4 years of leave will require completion of the CVRP Jurisprudence and Standards of Practice modules and re-writing of the certification examination.


Processing Fees

The Leave of Absence Application Fee (non-refundable) is listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule. Special circumstances for exemption of this fee may be provided upon written request.


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