Liability Insurance


As a Registrant of the College, you are required to have practice insurance for Errors and Omissions. This protects the Policies usually run from January 1st of one year to December 31st of the same year.

Most Professional Associations carry a group policy for Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance for their members.

In preparation for the opening of CVRP, VRA Canada researched and helped to develop an E & O policy specific to vocational rehabilitation professionals, which includes a defense policy for the  complaints process.   This policy is a member benefit that is offered to all VRA professional members at no additional fee, or at a  nominal fee, according to provincial society.

For more information, contact VRA at: or go the link on the the VRA Canada website:

For those Registrants who are not members of VRA, there is a link for an additional option to obtain insurance independent of the VRA Canada group.  Please email ANDREWS@LMS.CA