November 11th Email Blast from the College

November 11, 2016

1. Remembrance Day Thought – Lest We Forget
2. Announcing the 2016-2018 Board of Directors
3. CVRP credential Change Deadline
4. New CVRP Database and Automatic Messages
5. Mandatory Errors and Omission Insurance
6. Mandatory Jurisprudence Education Module – Live by November 25, 2016
7. Pre-Examination Training Day and CVRP Examination Initiative with BC VRAC Society – January 28th/29th, 2017, SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver BC

1. Remembrance Day Thought – Lest We Forget
As we sit at our desks today on November 11th or for those of us who have the privilege of the day off – let us not forget what our soldiers did for us many years ago and what they continue to do for us at the present time.

Remembrance Day is a time of reflection and thanking all of the men and women who serve our country so that we can live in a great Country and a greater world. The Red Poppies we all adorn symbolize the memory of those who died in conflict situations. We shall never forget.

“Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. Our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.” Pierre Trudeau.

2. Announcing the 2016-2018 Board of Directors
We had a very smooth and successful AGM via web platform on September 21, 2017. The Directors for the 2016-2018 term of office can be found on the CVRP website under the Tab “About Us”. For those registrants who were unable to attend, all AGM documents can be reviewed on the Registrants Only section under the AGM tab.

3. CVRP credential Change Deadline 31December 2016
The credential change from CVP, MCVP, CVS and CVA to CVRP, CVRP(F), CVRP(D), CVRP(P) was implemented in November 2015. All revised registrant certificates were uploaded into each CVRP Registrant Profile by the end of April 2016. If you have neglected to change your credential on all your personal communication documents (email signature, letter signature, resumes, business cards) by December 31, 2016 to the correct format, there may be registration consequences. Please contact the College if you have any questions before the College has to contact you.

4. New CVRP Database and Automatic Messages
The administration staff and your Registrar have worked hard with our IT support, Janka Mifsud, to renew and update the database along with the new website design. As with any new platform change, we have experienced a few glitches, with pages not linking properly in the transition and in some of the automated messaging for the annual renewals. If you are in receipt of an incorrect payment notice or have received payment penalty notice when payment was made on time, please contact the office by phone or email so correction can be made.

As per the Annual Renewal Policy, it is still your responsibility to know your annual renewal and CEU submission dates. The reminders are sent out as a courtesy through the automated system. Not receiving a renewal notice does not constitute automatic reversal of policy penalties.

5. Mandatory Annual Errors and Omission Insurance Certificate
It is that time of year to renew your Errors and Omission Insurance coverage. Most employers and affiliated organizations carry a group policy for Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance for their members. When researching appropriate insurance coverage, it is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure that the coverage is designed for College complaints and covers all aspects of VR practice. Inappropriate coverage could expose the CVRP Registrant to the high costs of defending a practice complaint.

CVRP offers a tailored insurance product through LMS Prolink Insurance Group designed specifically for College standard of practice and our registrants. This company has developed a policy for CVRP Registrants called “Miscellaneous Malpractice Liability Policy for “Claim(s)”s Made and Reported”. Please contact Mr. Andrew Spencer directly through email to inquire about the particulars of this policy at: ANDREWS@LMS.CA

Do not work uninsured and risk registration penalty. Support your practice and clients by renewing your E&O Certificate.

6. Mandatory Jurisprudence Education Module– Live by November 25, 2016
All current College Registrants will be required to complete this module as part of registration maintenance by the end of 2017. New applicants will be required to complete this mandatory program as part of the registration process. The design of this program is to highlight why we self-regulate through the CVRP and CCVE credentials, the accountability to the public and the responsibilities of the CVRP and CCVE Registrants to adhere to the Standards of Practice and ethical professional behaviour to avoid complaints of Misconduct. The program is approved for Ethics CEUs, which will be added to your CEU report when uploaded through the CEU upload option on the website.

7. Pre-Examination Training Day and CVRP Examination Initiative with BC VRAC Society – January 28th/29th, 2017, SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver BC

In collaboration with the BC Society of VRAC, the College has agreed to provide a one day training to assist professional members of VRA BC to sit and write the CVRP credentialing examination. The day following the CVRP training in BC, the CVRP exam will be administered. This will be a one-time offer only and run first in BC initially. It is anticipated that similar opportunities can be negotiated with each of the VRAC Provincial Societies interested in supporting their members to become certified in the next year.

If you reside in BC and know of VR practitioners who have not registered with the College and who are interested in becoming certified, please encourage them to contact VRA BC Board of Directors or the College directly. The application and examination fee will remain the same for all applicants, as per CVRP policy, but by working with the BC Board of Directors, the College will try to keep the cost of the training day at a break-even price, based on the actual costs of developing and hosting the training day. The printed Study Guide (359 pages of text book quality – printed price of $125.00 plus shipping) will be provided at a cost of $50.00 plus shipping for participants of this initial training.

Any questions can be directed to or by phone to (647) 962-7708

From the College administration staff and the Registrar, we wish you a safe and ‘reflective’ Remembrance day Weekend!