Non-Practicing Policy


A Registrant may apply for Non-Practicing status if he or she is not currently employed or practicing as a professional. Reasons for application may include: work interruption, secondment to a job in an alternate or outside field of employment, sabbatical for education, retirement or other extended leave from the profession such as may be due to military service, medical leave, personal responsibilities and absence from the country.


During the period that the Registrant is non-practicing, it is recommended by the College that errors and omissions/liability insurance be maintained in the event that issues pre-dating the non-practicing period emerge.


Should the Non-Practicing Registrant assume any work during this period they are responsible to inform the College immediately for reinstatement of status.


Note: A Registrant whose status is Non-Practicing continues to be subject to the Rules of Conduct of the College for professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, applicable to any time during which the person holds a Certificate of Registration under this By-Law and may be investigated pursuant to the Rules of Conduct.



The Registrant must complete the Application for Non-Practicing Status.


The applicable fees to maintain Non-Practicing status is listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.


Should the Registrant maintain Non-Practicing status for a period of time less than one full year, fees will be pro-rated on a monthly basis.




Non-Practicing Registrants maintaining this status for a period of up to one year must maintain CEUs as required under normal Registration status (i.e., 20 CEUs per year). For Registrants returning to normal registration status notice to the College is to be provided 10 days prior to the resumption of work. Payment of fees to resume practicing status (i.e. the difference between the annual fee for non-practicing and the annual fee for full practice status) will be required at least 2 days in advance of the first day of resumption of VR work.


Registrants maintaining Non-Practicing Status for periods from one year up to 4 years will either be required to complete the module on Jurisprudence prior to re-instatement or alternatively, a Registrant may maintain CEUs as required, consistent with the Registrant’s certification renewal date (meaning 80 CEUs per 4 years).


Non-Practicing Registrants exceeding 4 years will be required to complete the Jurisprudence module and successfully complete the Certification Examination. Completion of the Certification Examination will require submission of Examination fees as listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.


Upon re-instatement, the Registrant must provide payment of regular fees within 60 days of the re-instatement date. If not received, the Registrant’s status will be changed to “Administrative Suspension” and re-application for re-instatement will be required to be submitted in addition to any outstanding fees.


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