Online Examinations

We are very pleased to inform you that the CVRP, RTWDM and CCVE/ICVE online examinations with virtual proctoring is available. The CVRP and CCVE/ICVE exams are divided into two parts.


The Study Guides are available from VRAC Learning Academy: CVRP Study Guide, CCVE/ICVE Study Guide and RTWDM Study guide.


Please be advised you will not be required to book a specific date and/or time. Please ensure you plan to write BOTH parts of your exam on the same date. You are permitted to write on evenings and weekends, however please be advised the Testing Centre will be unavailable to support. Please see hours of support below*.


If an accommodation is required to sit the examination, please contact


Day of Test:

1- Sit in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed while testing.

2- Clear a workspace for your monitor, mouse, and keyboard. All other items must be removed from your table/desk.

3- Have your photo ID ready

4- Launch Respondus Lockdown Browser from your desktop or downloaded programs

5- Login to MyCanvas Connect using your credentials

6- Select the course “CVRP Certification Exam”

7- Make note of the current Access Code on the front page

8- Click the link “CVRP Certification Exam” on the front page

9- Click the exam

10- Enter the Access Code

11- Complete the exam

12- Once completed, you may exit Respondus



*The Testing Centre is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST, with the exception of Canadian holidays.

Please note there is a virtual proctoring fee payable directly to the Testing Centre in CAD dollars.


If a rewrite is required the fee payable to CVRP is $125.00. Rewrites, no shows and cancellation fees may be payable to the Testing Centre.


If an Applicant does not successfully pass the certification examination with a 70% grade, an applicant may re-apply to sit the certification examination, following the process as outlined above. Submission of applicable fees is required.


An Applicant may have a total of 4 attempts (including first sitting) to successfully pass the certification examination. A fee is charged each time an Applicant sits the examination. After 2 failed examination attempts further education may be recommended.


Applicants who have either been denied the opportunity to write the certification examination may refer to the College Appeals Policy for further information.


CVRP Fee Schedule

CVRP Online Fee Payment Form