Governance Structure

Executive Committee Positions

  • President

  • President Elect

  • Secretary/Treasurer

  • Past President

Director Positions

Directors of Board for CVRP act as liaison for a Standing or Adhoc Committee and as such are responsible for the appointment of the committee members as well as monitor the operation of that committee to ensure that the Procedures of the committee are followed. The Director can choose to act as the Chair or facilitate the appointment of a Chair by the committee members. Quarterly reports are presented to the Board of Directors at the scheduled business meetings.


Standing Committees

The College shall establish the following Standing Committees, as set by the CVRP General By-law, the composition and duties of which shall be set out in the Rules established by the Board:

  • Executive Committee

  • Registration Committee

  • Complaints Committee

  • Discipline Committee

  • Fitness to Practice Committee

  • Professional Practice Committee

  • Examination Committee

Each Committee will present a written report for publication in the Annual Report presented at the Annual General Meeting.


Special or Ad Hoc Committees

The CVRP Board of Directors may, from time to time, appoint such Special or Ad Hoc Committees, task forces and working groups as may be appropriate or necessary for the attainment of the objectives of the College and the efficient conduct of its affairs. The appointments shall be reported to the College at its next regular meeting. Every Special or Ad Hoc Committee, task force or working group shall have specified terms of reference and a date upon which it shall dissolve.


The Board of Directors shall determine the composition and terms of reference for each Special or Ad Hoc committee.