Policy for CVRP Credential Re-Classification

Policy for CVRP Credential Re-Classification

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (The College)  has changed the CVP designation to the CVRP designation and instituting  re-classification  to a CVRP Fellowship designation and a CVRP Diplomat designation.

Preamble: Vocational Rehabilitation Define
The mandate of The College is to protect the public by setting and enforcing a code of conduct and guidelines for the Standards of Practice for all Registrants – Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) professionals.  The College defines a VR professional as one who assesses, evaluates and identifies persons who are experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) a vocational disability. A VR professional seeks to develop and execute Vocational Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work (RTW) plans designed to achieve or restore optimum outcomes. These outcomes are achieved through the application of knowledge, skills, interventions and strategies that are unique to the discipline and the VR profession.  As such, The College has determined that the ‘Certified Vocational Professional (CVP)’ designation will be renamed to the ‘Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP) ‘designation to more accurately reflect the primary role of the registrants.


In this document, the  re-classification criterion for registrants to apply for the Fellow or Diplomate certification is clearly detailed. There will be a formalized process for a period of 12 months, as of October 1, 2015 during which time those registrants with the Master’s Certificate Vocational Professional (MCVP) will be transferred to the Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (Fellow) – CVRP(F) designation.  These registrants will then have an opportunity to apply for the Diplomate CVRP(D) certification, if eligible, through the  re-classification process as mentioned above.


The College will also provide a new process through application for provisional status and supervised mentorship, which will enable registrants ,who currently hold the Certified Vocational Specialist (CVS) or Certified Vocational Advisor (CVA) designations as well as New Applicants with recognised post-secondary diplomas and/or certificates, to obtain the CVRP designation.

CVRP Re-Classified Credentials:

    • CVRP(I) – CVRP  Intern
    • CVRP(P) – CVRP Provisional
    • CVRP – CVRP
    • CVRP(F) – CVRP Fellow
    • CVRP(D) – CVRP Diplomate