Policy for Emeritus Regulation Classification


The granting of Emeritus/Emerita status to Canadian Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals is based on merit. For the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP), the emeritus designation is regarded as an extraordinary title which is given for extraordinary reasons. Accordingly, emeritus status is bestowed only on those individuals who have contributed measurably to the Canadian vocational rehabilitation profession. The title of emeritus/emerita is often given by organizations at the point of the individual’s retirement from the professional. The purpose of this award is to honour those Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals who are viewed as pre-eminent in the profession. In order to preserve the integrity and value of this title,a maximum of two (2) will awarded by the College during any year.


Based upon the below criteria and a letter of nomination, the Board of the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals shall review all requests for Emeritus/Emerita status.
In general terms, in order to be eligible for the title of Emeritus/Emerita the individual will have provided the College and profession extraordinary service. Typically, this will be the more senior members of the profession; however, age or years of service are not including/excluding requirements.
To be considered for this title, the individual must meet the following requirements:

  • 1. Member in good standing of the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals
  • 2. Provided extraordinary service to the College and the Profession by:
    • a) Holding a CVP or MCVP designation
    • b) Exhibiting exemplary ethical behaviour
    • c) Holding office in National/Provincial professional organizations
    • d) Publishing profession articles, books, or other similar disseminated material
    • e) Providing tangible and recognized support to the development and/or ongoing operation of the College and/or   other National/Provincial professional body
    • f) Providing tangible and recognized support to the development of the profession in Canada
    • g) Teaching in a formalized educational setting (e.g. college and/or university)
    • h) Conducting professional workshops, seminars, or other similar public events
    • i) Mentoring other professionals in the field

The potential candidate does not have to have met each of the above criteria (with the exception of points 1, 2.a) and 2.b). Rather they will have provided meritorious service in any number of these criteria. In broad terms, they need to be seen as a “model” of a vocational rehabilitation professional; possessing not only knowledge of the profession but an ability to pass that information on to others.


Nominations for the title of Emeritus/Emerita can be put forward by any member or Executive of the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professional. The nomination letter must outline how the nominee has met or exceeded the stated criteria. The letter is forwarded by the College’s Registrar to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Solely at their discretion and vote the Board can:

  • a) confirm the title on the individual,
  • b) deny the confirmation,
  • c) defer the confirmation or
  • d) ask for further evidence.


The title of Emeritus/Emerita is a reflection of the individual’s professional designation. The College can award either of the following titles:

  • a) CVP (Emeritus) – for those individuals holding a CVP designation
  • b) MCVP (Emeritus) – for those individuals holding a MCVP designation


At the sole discretion of the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professional’s Board of Directors, Emeritus/Emerita status may be revoked at any time. Without limiting such discretion, revocation may occur when it is determined that the individual’s conduct, before or after receiving the Emeritus/Emerita designation, conflicts with the intent and spirit of the designation and/or causes harm to the College’s reputation. The College’s Board of Directors is authorized to make the decision to revoke Emeritus Status. The Registrar of the College shall inform the affected individual. This section is intended to confirm the existing “at will” nature of Emeritus Status and thus applies to all individuals who are granted the Emeritus/Emerita Status.
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