Policy on Posting Training Programs

I. Introduction

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (the College) provides an opportunity to educational/ training institutes, organizations, sponsors and/or groups offering VR (vocational rehabilitation) and VE (vocational evaluation) training programs, events, workshops, seminars and/or courses to obtain pre-approval from the College, and post them on the College’s website. This is offered as a service to organizations as a promotional benefit in attracting CVRP registrants to their events, to our registrants and in pursuit of the College’s mandate to safeguard the public by making registrants aware of these opportunities for continuing education.

II. Eligibility Terms of Reference:

The College will accept posts for training programs, workshops, seminars and/or courses that fall within any of the 9 domain focus areas and meets the standards of practice upheld by the College.
Beyond the screening process to approve the training programs, the College does not assume responsibility for screening the educational/ training institutes or organizations themselves, nor does it endorse products or services of these organizations. It is the registrants’ responsibility to adequately research the training providers and verify their terms and conditions that may apply to successfully obtaining continuing education units. It is not the role of the College to monitor operational practices of these service providing organizations.

III. Procedure to Request Pre-approval
CVRP encourages submissions for continuing education pre-approval consideration as this process verifies the exact contact hours/CEUs to be allotted for the specific program, course and/or event.

i. To request pre-approval of a program, course and/or event (including employment in-service, public or private institution courses/programs of study), seminar, conference, symposium, college or university program/course, a sponsoring organization must complete the Request for Approving and Posting Training or Seminar or Conference and submit all required documentation for consideration. Ensure that all documents are uploaded as outline in the form. It is the sponsor organization’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary information is provided to support the pre-approval review. Incomplete submissions cannot be considered until all necessary supporting documentation has been provided.

ii. Organizations, sponsors and/or groups (applicant sponsors) submitting requests for pre-approval of their programs are required to provide an initial processing fee as per the Request Form below. Upon subsequent submissions by the same applicant sponsors, a processing fee is required with each additional request for pre-approval of CEUs. The initial processing fee applies once per calendar year (Please click here for details on fees). The applicant sponsor must submit the fee for the pre-approval of the upcoming education before the program can be posted on the CVRP website and distributed in the registrants email announcements. The College reserves the right to set the fee for this service and from time to time, adjust those fees at the direction of the Governing Board of Directors.

iii. Upon gaining approved status, the program/course/event will be posted on the College Seminar and Conference Web Page and added to the Current List of Approved CEU Programs. The college will endeavour to approve all complete requests as quickly as possible (within 4 weeks of submission) All approved postings will be noted with the post date and remain on the College website until the program’s application deadline.

iv. The College reserves the right to remove as it warrants any training program posted at any time. The College is the sole determiner as to what will appear on this site.

v. Please contact the College’s Registrar, Janice Ray at jray@cvrp.ca if you have any questions.


Click here to fill out Request for Approving and Posting Training Form