Post-Approval Request Form

  • 1. A Published, Peer Review Article – 15 CEUs; A Published Book Chapter – 30 CEUs; A Published Book – 50 CEUs
    2. 15 CEUs for one Semester Credit; 10 CEUs for one Quarter Credit
    3. 10 CEUs for each Semester; 7 CEUs for each Quarter
    4. 15 CEUs per Review
    5. 50 CEUs for each Study Guide

  • Please upload in the tabs below a copy of the program agenda, the program description and the CV of the presenter. Process of the request for approval may be delayed until the supporting information is received.

    Alternatively please send the required supporting documents to
    College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals and Vocational Services
    4 Cataraqui Street, Suite 310
    Kingston ON K7K 1Z7

    Fill out a separate form for each continuing education activity