Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP)

Scope of Practice

Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) assist individuals to access, maintain or return to vocational/avocational activities, and to determine and facilitate access to any vocational rehabilitation and/or support services needed to achieve the desired goals. The practice of vocational rehabilitation is a best-practice, client-centered process and specialized service which provides assistance to persons with or at-risk of experiencing disabilities, impairments, limitations and/or barriers with respect to school, home, employment and community-based activities. Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals possess a unique set of knowledge, experiences, skills, as well as the ability to determine and apply interventions and strategies in order to provide vocational rehabilitation services, as confirmed via the College’s certification and examination process.


In addition, CVRP Registrants who have successfully completed the TSA Pathway can also conduct TSAs.


CVRP Areas of Expertise:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling/Planning

  • Vocational/Avocational Planning

  • Rehabilitation Assessment/Return to Work Analysis

  • Needs Assessment for Return To Work Planning; Career Counselling or Vocational Rehabilitation Planning

  • Transferable Skills Analysis when it pertains to Return To Work (RTW), Vocational Rehabilitation or Career Counselling/Planning

  • Labour Market Analysis

  • Work Adjustment and Accommodation

  • Job Skills Development

  • Job Search, Job Development and Job Placement

  • Return to Work Plans

  • Education for Prevention of Vocational Disability

  • Case Management/Rehabilitation Services Coordination

  • Return to Work/Disability Management

NOTE: A CVRP who has completed the additional training/steps to become certified in completing a Transferrable Skills Analysis (TSA) can independently complete a TSA for benefit eligibility and entitlement, future employability, and earning capacity as per the standards of practice in completing a TSA.


The following services can be performed by a CVRP when supervised by a CCVE or ICVE:

•Vocational Analysis or Evaluation/Assessment for forensic, medical, legal or dispute resolution purposes as per standards of practice

•Transferable Skills Analysis for benefit eligibility and entitlement, future employability, and earning capacity as per standards of practice


If you would like more information about Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, please contact CVRP.


If you are a rehabilitation professional and would like to apply for the CVRP credential, please click here for application requirements.