A Registrant of the College may resign his or her registration by following the procedures prescribed by the Rules for resignation. Upon acceptance of the resignation by the Registrar, the Certificate of Registration is cancelled and Registration is terminated.
The Registrant must apply for termination of registration by completing the application “Request for Registry Termination. The reason for termination of registration must be indicated on the application. Reasons may include leaving the country, taking leave from the profession, changing profession, returning to school and retiring from the labour force.

Should the Registrant be unsure as to the appropriateness for terminating registration, the Registrant may contact the Registrar to discuss other registration options.

Should the Registrant’s status prior to application be “Administrative Suspension”, outstanding fees are required to be submitted prior to consideration being given to the request to terminate certificate registration (see: Fees – click here).

In the absence of a formal request for termination of registration, the Registrant’s status will remain as “Administrative Suspension” on the registry until such time as the Registrant has applied for a change in registration status.

In accordance with CVRP By-Laws, the Certificate of Registration issued to the Registrant terminating registration must be returned within 30 days of the date of registration termination.

Should the former Registrant wish to be re-instated, a new Registration Application Form along with application fees is required to be completed (see: Fees – click here). The Applicant must successfully meet all registration requirements and write the certification examination prior to re-instatement.

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