Vulnerable Sector Police Check

To enhance accountability to the Public, all Registrants are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC).  All new applicants will be required to submit a completed Police Check before sitting the qualifying examination. The present College VSPC policy states that  an updated VSPC is required every 5 years as part of certification maintenance.
The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (the College) is a Federal NFP corporation which certifies those people who work with disabled, ill or injured clients, through a rigorous application process and 6 hour competency examination. Our mandate is to protect the public but as a voluntary college we do not have the authority to licence.  We do, however, administer a full complaints and disciplinary process for the public to ensure that the certified registrants practice according to their areas of expertise under the scope of practice and the standards of practice for each credential.  The College operates like any regulated health professional and in the same manner as accountants, engineers and teachers.  The stakeholders recognize the strength of the certification process without legislation behind that authority.

The College ensures current competency through the mandatory submission of ongoing College approved education.  As the self-regulatory body for practicing vocational rehabilitation professionals across Canada, we have a fair and adjudicable complaints and discipline process for any member of the public who has, or is, receiving vocational rehabilitation (VR) or vocational evaluation (VE) services. In our mandate to protect the public, all certification applicants are required to submit a current VSPC, as the VR and VE professionals work one-to-one with disabled, injured or ill members of the public as their primary work task.  The current VSPC is one way the College can ensure that the VR or VE professional entering their (the public) home or place of employment or their treatment facility is of acceptable moral character, with no criminal or questionable behavior in their present or past history.  This police search is requested regardless of whom the potential registrant or the certified registrant works for; as an independent consultant, a contract consultant or for a private or public employer.

Submission of the VSPC

To complete the check, you will have to attend the local Municipal Police Station or the local police in the jurisdiction where you live and follow their regional procedure. A letter from CVRP may be required to document the need for the Vulnerable Sector Police Check. You will be required to complete the information forms, an information release waiver and submit the fee (usually $25.00 – $75.00 plus tax). Photo ID and finger printing may also be required. Smaller communities or those communities that do not have a municipal police force will need to contact the local Provincial authority (OPP, QPP)  or RCMP for direction.  Most police forces have website links that will provide the procedure outline, local process and the necessary forms to complete this check.  Find the appropriate website for your place of residence and follow their guidance.

Some police branches require a letter from the College.  If you require such letter as part of the Police Vulnerable Sector Check, please contact the college at and provide the following information: the name and address of the Police Station, defining whether it is Municipal, OPP, QPP or RCMP; your full name and home address and date of birth. The letter will be customized and should expedite the process.